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 Colours To Suit

Having suits in different styles is a must for different seasonal weddings and events. Opting for the same suit in different colours could work well for variation. For a summer wedding, mix things up with a patterned, herringbone, plaid or houndstooth number to vary to add a sense of personality.

Fit Matters


The key to a pulling off a killer suit is fit, this means that it’s important to wear a suit that complements your body shape.

There are three main types of fit:

Regular – for those who prefer a classic style in a comfortable fit with room for extra movement. It’s also ideal for people with a larger build than average.

Slim – ideal for those with a slimmer physique and typically for people with an 8” drop.

Tailored – a more streamlined look and a midway option which allows more movement than a regular fit.

Think About Fabric

We often associate heavier materials with quality and expense. Wool, worsted or wool-blended suits are great quality, and maintain their shape over long periods of time. For weddings in the summer months, a linen suit keeps you cool and is highly breathable. If you’re on a budget however, cotton and polyester suits are both breathable to wear and adhere to a smart look.

Think Seasonal

Consider the season that the event will take place in when choosing your custom suit. If you’re a guest at a winter wedding, try to find out what the theme will be to ensure you don’t clash with the rest of the guests and groomsmen. Alternatively, a tweed suit offers a rustic look and feel. In spring, a waistcoat is the perfect back up for unpredictable temperatures.

Accessorise Your Look

Accessories can be just as important as the suit when it comes to injecting some personality into an outfit, so take time to find the perfect additions and ensure they match your suit. Cuff-links add a touch of sophistication whilst a patterned tie can look great against a dark suit. A bright silk tie is ideal for adding a splash of colour to summer events.

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Origins of Tweed

According to the legend the name for Tweed was a complete accident. An English textile merchant misspelled the Scottish word Tweel. As a result, the word “Tweed” was formed to describe the fabric.

What is Tweed?

Tweed is an unfinished wool fabric formed by plain or twill weaves. Other patterns such as herringbone and houndstooth are also commonly used with this fabric. Due to the fact that tweed has wind and moisture resistant characteristics, Tweeds were often worn for outdoor activities such as hunting.

How and when to wear Tweed

Tweed is great for casual evening events. However, for more formal events, it’s best to avoid Tweed fabrics. This is certainly not to say that Tweed is not fashionable. For example, you can confidently wear Tweed to any event in which a casual suit or sport coat is acceptable attire. This type of fabric was often seen as a college professor garment, but overtime it began to claim a sense of sophistication. Remember that Tweed was designed for cooler weather so it’s a great fabric to use for layering.

How to find a perfect Tweed suit for you
The best option is to take your measurements and order a suit online. You can check many of tweed suit catalogues and pick a perfect one for you. 

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Main trends 

  • Pay attention not only top but also to the bottom of set.
  • Pants with arrows will be trendy.
  • Relaxed style combined with strict forms, but jacket it’s better to choose in single turn, with small amount of buttons.
  • Linen suits will be an absolute hit for the summer 2017.

Trendy colours

  • Emerald green is the most wanted color for this season. 
  • Blue suits don’t lose their popularity.
  • Cranberry will become original option for men outfit. You can give preference to the suit which combines black and red color.
  • Grey color will make image of men colder rather than sloppy, so it’s worth considering. For example, models with arrows look perfect.
  • White suits didn’t get lost in wide palette of colours. It was presented in several different ways as business and free style.
  • Where can you go without black suit? It’s certainly men’s wardrobe must-have. But designers offer to move away from overexposed hue and purchase 2 piece suit in graphite shade.
Studio suits has wide range of suits on their website STUDIO SUITS
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 I have been seeing TV serie Peaky Blinders, and I am very impressed with the story, but what amazed mi the most is their clothing. I just love it. 
This is why I decided to write something about how to dress like the characters of a gang in England during the First World War. 
I will focus on Thomas, the main character. He usually wears a three piece herringbone tweed suit, or a grey pinstripe suit. His suit is lean trough the legs, chest and shoulders, which gives him contemporary look that expresses his body shape. 

TIP 1 The Main Accessories
There are two main accessories that are essential part of the Peaky Blinders look, a pocket square and a pocket watch. The pocket square is a small piece of square shaped fabric placed in the chest pocket of the coat or jacket. And the watch, well you will be able to find this in one of the antiquity shops. 

TIP 2 Tweed Wool Suit
Well, these days it is not very usual to see a men wearing this kind of suit, and of course it is not easy to find where to buy it neither. 
But here there are more info on how to dress like a Peaky Blinder, so you might find the way. 


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