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Origins of Tweed

According to the legend the name for Tweed was a complete accident. An English textile merchant misspelled the Scottish word Tweel. As a result, the word “Tweed” was formed to describe the fabric.

What is Tweed?

Tweed is an unfinished wool fabric formed by plain or twill weaves. Other patterns such as herringbone and houndstooth are also commonly used with this fabric. Due to the fact that tweed has wind and moisture resistant characteristics, Tweeds were often worn for outdoor activities such as hunting.

How and when to wear Tweed

Tweed is great for casual evening events. However, for more formal events, it’s best to avoid Tweed fabrics. This is certainly not to say that Tweed is not fashionable. For example, you can confidently wear Tweed to any event in which a casual suit or sport coat is acceptable attire. This type of fabric was often seen as a college professor garment, but overtime it began to claim a sense of sophistication. Remember that Tweed was designed for cooler weather so it’s a great fabric to use for layering.

How to find a perfect Tweed suit for you
The best option is to take your measurements and order a suit online. You can check many of tweed suit catalogues and pick a perfect one for you. 


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