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 I have been seeing TV serie Peaky Blinders, and I am very impressed with the story, but what amazed mi the most is their clothing. I just love it. 
This is why I decided to write something about how to dress like the characters of a gang in England during the First World War. 
I will focus on Thomas, the main character. He usually wears a three piece herringbone tweed suit, or a grey pinstripe suit. His suit is lean trough the legs, chest and shoulders, which gives him contemporary look that expresses his body shape. 

TIP 1 The Main Accessories
There are two main accessories that are essential part of the Peaky Blinders look, a pocket square and a pocket watch. The pocket square is a small piece of square shaped fabric placed in the chest pocket of the coat or jacket. And the watch, well you will be able to find this in one of the antiquity shops. 

TIP 2 Tweed Wool Suit
Well, these days it is not very usual to see a men wearing this kind of suit, and of course it is not easy to find where to buy it neither. 
But here there are more info on how to dress like a Peaky Blinder, so you might find the way. 


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