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Men's Fashion Trends 2017


Main trends 

  • Pay attention not only top but also to the bottom of set.
  • Pants with arrows will be trendy.
  • Relaxed style combined with strict forms, but jacket it’s better to choose in single turn, with small amount of buttons.
  • Linen suits will be an absolute hit for the summer 2017.

Trendy colours

  • Emerald green is the most wanted color for this season. 
  • Blue suits don’t lose their popularity.
  • Cranberry will become original option for men outfit. You can give preference to the suit which combines black and red color.
  • Grey color will make image of men colder rather than sloppy, so it’s worth considering. For example, models with arrows look perfect.
  • White suits didn’t get lost in wide palette of colours. It was presented in several different ways as business and free style.
  • Where can you go without black suit? It’s certainly men’s wardrobe must-have. But designers offer to move away from overexposed hue and purchase 2 piece suit in graphite shade.
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